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Simple Cooking
Selecting and cooking beef has never been easier. Choose a cut of beef from the selection menu below. Each fresh beef item comes with simple cooking instructions so that you always know how to prepare your favorite beef dish.

Grilling/Broiling Steaks Grilling/Broiling Steaks
Fire up the grill!

Tenderloin • Rib-eye • T-Bone • Porterhouse • Top Loin (Strip) • Top Sirloin • Inside Skirt • Tri-Tip
Marinating Steaks Marinating Steaks
Make life juicier.

Tip • Flank • London Broil • Boneless Chuck
Simmering Steaks Simmering Steaks
Simmer and serve.

Eye of Round • Bottom Round • Round • Top Round
Pot Roasts Pot Roasts
Let the slow cooker do the cooking.

Bone-in Chuck • Boneless Cross Rib • Boneless Chuck • Brisket • Corned Beef
Oven Roasts Oven Roasts
Carve up something delicious.

Eye of Round • Tri-Tip • Top Round • Bottom Round
Stewing Beef Stewing Beef
Stew up a family treat.

Short Ribs • Boneless Short Ribs • Soup Bones • Stew Meat • Neck Bones
Stir-frying/Sautéing Beef Stir-frying/Sautéing Beef
Add some spice to your life.

Thin-cut Top Round • Thin-cut Eye • Thin-cut Tip • Cube Steak • Thin-cut Rib-eye • Thin-cut T-Bone