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The Protein Advantage
The Protein Advantage

Beefing up meat consumption ensures that our bodies get the essential nutrients from the proteins they need to grow healthy, strong and lean.

The human body consists of 20 amino acids – the building blocks of proteins – but can only make 11 of them on its own. Beef contains those nine essential amino acids needed to help build, maintain and repair body tissues, form enzymes and body hormones, increase resistance to infection and disease, and even contribute to weight loss.

From Atkins to The South Beach™, the trend in diet plans centers around high-protein consumption. A recent study by the University of Illinois suggests that eating more high-quality proteins will increase the amount of leucine, an amino acid, in the diet. This helps maintain muscle mass, which encourages the body to burn more calories and reduce body fat during weight loss.

Compare the protein advantage beef has over other meats, and consider making beef part of a balanced, healthy diet.

Protein Comparison Chart

Beef (per 3 ounces, roasted, trimmed) 25 grams
Chicken (per 3 ounces, roasted, skinless) 24 grams
Turkey (per 3 ounces, roasted, skinless) 25 grams
Pork (per 3 ounces, roasted, trimmed) 23 grams
Lamb (per 3 ounces, roasted, trimmed) 24 grams
Ground beef* (per 3 ounces, broiled, trimmed) 24 grams
Ground turkey (per 3 ounces, braised) 21 grams

*82% lean
Source: USDA/NTF