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Harris Teeter Rancher

Harris Teeter Rancher® Beef KabobsHarris Teeter Rancher® Beef – Always Tender and Juicy

The life of a Harris Teeter rancher isn't easy. But it is rewarding. After putting in a hard day's work, the cattlemen who help produce Harris Teeter Rancher® beef sleep soundly knowing that what they do makes a difference. That difference is evident in every cut, and every bite, of Harris Teeter Rancher beef.

Hand-selected to Tender Verified™:

You can feel secure in knowing that our ranchers follow strict quality-control guidelines that encompass grain feeding, stringent health monitoring and relentless quality checks.

But we don't stop there. From rancher to retailer, Harris Teeter Rancher beef is carefully checked and tracked to make sure it meets our strict guidelines for quality and tenderness. Only then does it earn the right to bear the Tender Verified™ seal.

Trimmed to Perfection:

Even a potentially great piece of beef can fall short if it is not trimmed right. That's why every cut of Harris Teeter Rancher beef is trimmed to exacting specifications. So it not only looks better, it cooks better – making it easier to prepare your favorite meals correctly.

Proven to Taste Better:

An independent study* has shown seven out of 10 consumers prefer Harris Teeter Rancher beef to ordinary beef because it is significantly more juicy, flavorful and tender.

Tender, Juicy Goodness, Any Way You Slice It:

We put more care into Harris Teeter Rancher beef, so your family can enjoy all the goodness nature intended. No matter which cut you pick, you'll find Harris Teeter Rancher beef cooks up tender and juicy, time after time.

Double Your Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with any Harris Teeter Rancher® item, simply return it to any of our stores and we will happily refund double your money. Proof of purchase, ID and a valid VIC card required.
Harris Teeter Rancher® Beef
  • Everyday Value
  • Tender Verified
  • Hand Selected
  • Quality Assured
  • Closely Trimmed