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About Chef Peter Dow
Chef Prepared Dinner at Home
Chef Peter Dow I have worked in the food industry all my working life starting as an apprentice chef, having been classically trained at one of the UK’s leading culinary schools. After gaining restaurant experience I became owner and Head Chef of my own fine dining restaurant just outside London. One of my personal career highlights has been to reach the National Finals of the Young Chef of the Year in the UK back in 1986. After six years of unsocialable hours I changed my career path from restaurants to food manufacturing which has enabled me to travel all over the world and experience amazing cuisines and also learn techniques from some of the best chefs in the world. My passion has always been to develop and create great food and this continues to this day. I moved from the UK to the USA 3 years ago to help develop the chilled food industry in the USA which is still in its infancy compared to its European neighbors. I live in Charlotte with my wife, Sarah, and have 3 children. My main hobby is golf, but I relax by cooking and entertaining on the weekend.