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Together In Education
Together in Education - Earn money for local schools by purchasing Harris Teeter Brand Products

Welcome Back for the 2014-15 TIE School Year! Relink! Everyone must relink starting August 1st

The school year is off to a great start and so is the TIE program. Since 1998, Harris Teeter has donated over $21 Million to local schools through Together in Education. Is your school taking full advantage of this program? Be sure to re-link your VIC card today, and encourage other parents and supporters to link their VIC cards. Our top-earning schools are the ones that get started early each year!

We want all of our schools to continue to increase their links and dollars raised! Review the tips below that could help your school be more successful in our TIE program.
  • Start a binder for all of your TIE communications (coordinator login information, How the TIE program works, etc.)
  • Keep your TIE Coordinator information current; make changes before August 1st to be sure your school does not miss out on any important communications for the new year.
  • Find out when your school releases information about the upcoming school year, such as assigned teachers, new class schedules, etc. Use this opportunity to remind your parents to link their VIC card starting on August 1st.
  • Use the Mass Link option in the TIE Coordinator section to link parents during the school year. Sign them up at your open house events, large school functions, sporting events, etc. Just collect the last name and VIC card, it’s that easy!
  • Make a direct link to our TIE section from your school website to ensure the linking process is that much easier for parents.
  • Get support from your local community by educating community members about Together In Education and asking them to link to your school at your local Harris Teeter. Starting August 1st, teach your community members how much they can help your school. Find out how you can schedule your school at one of our stores.
  • Most importantly, learn all about how the TIE program works and teach your parents and community members. Your schools will earn money when customers purchase Harris Teeter Brand items only or fill a prescription at our pharmacy. Visit our Together in Education Details page for complete details on the TIE program.
Harris Teeter would love to hear what your school has done with their TIE earnings. Please share your stories with us at Remember the more links your school gets the more money your school can earn!

Don’t forget ALL VIC cards will need to be RE-LINKED each school year. Contact parents and community members for support, it is easy and linking your VIC card does not cost you ANYTHING!

2014 TIE Re-Link Sweepstakes 2014 TIE Re-Link Sweepstakes

Link your VIC card today and be entered for a chance to win $200 in Harris Teeter gift cards!

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Top Earning Schools for 2013-14

Grimsley Senior High - Choral Program (3,187 links) Greensboro, NC $16,988.73
Page High School (2,190 links) Greensboro, NC $11,783.33
Providence High School Rugby Club (1,350 links) Charlotte, NC $10,151.40
Randolph Elementary School PTA (1,271 links) Arlington, VA $9,835.95
Providence High School PTSO (1,066 links) Charlotte, NC $9,021.35
Lynn Road Elementary School (1,335 links) Raleigh, NC $7,528.80
Hoffman-Boston Elementary School (727 links) Arlington, VA $7,250.33
Creighton's Corner PTA (340 links) Ashburn, VA $6,478.24
WH Taylor Elementary School (1165 links) Norfolk, VA $6,011.64
Sgt. Eugene Ashley High NJROTC (1,526) Wilmington, NC $5,960.60