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We Think Green
Thank you to all of the schools that were a part of our contest!

Our goal is to teach the students the importance of recycling. During this contest, schools collected more than 8,100 bins, this is equivalent to more than 7.3 million plastic shopping bags! These bags were collected from February 1 through March 27, 2012.

Just imagine how many bags your school could save each year. Plastic and paper bags can be dropped off at your local Harris Teeter, recycle bins are located in the entrance way of our stores.

Help us do our part in saving the environment. Encourage your students to continue to recycle their bags at home.

Recycle Facts
Our recycle plastic is picked up by a company called Trex®, the largest plastic recycler in the United States. Trex (Trex® is the leading brand of alternative decking, railing, fencing, and trim products designed to maximize your outdoor living experience), Trex® is made from about 50 percent recycled and reclaimed plastic, and 50 percent reclaimed wood. These materials would otherwise go unused in landfills. They collect more than 1.5 billion plastic bags from retailers each year.

Recycle Bin
Congratulations to our Winners!!

2012 We Think GREEN Contest Winners
Reward Bins School Area
$1,000 236  Gatewood Peep  Newport News, VA
$500 119 Trinity Luthern Newport News, VA
$250 108 Potomac Elementary Potomac, MD
$250 68 Windsor Oaks Virginia Beach, VA
$250 66 Bennett Elementary School Manassas, VA
$1,000 919 Sedge Garden Kernersville, NC
$500 457 Southport Elementary Southport, NC
$250 251 Oak Ridge Elementary Oak Ridge, NC
$250 130 Partnership Primary School Raleigh, NC
$250 113 Triangle Lake Montessori High Point, NC
$1,000 516 Sterling Elementary Pineville, NC
$500 378 Stoney Creek Elementary Charlotte, NC
$250 333 Quail Hollow Middle School Charlotte, NC
$250 322 Randolph Middle School Charlotte, NC
$250 221 Rural Hall Rural Hall, NC