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Dr Russ Blog - What About Decaff Tea?
What About Decaff Tea?
Created on 5/17/2013

Tea - most everyone drinks it, whether hot or iced.

And the word has gotten out that tea is a healthy beverage.

But what about the caffeine?

Generally speaking, brewed tea contains less caffeine than a comparable cup of coffee, though the specific amounts vary widely across brands and the methods used in growing the tea plants (Camellia sinensis). But some folks really want / need to avoid caffeine, or at least limit their intake of it. So they might choose a decaffeinated form of tea.

Good choice?

In most cases, no, at least when it comes to the health benefits of drinkling tea.

Turns out that the process used to decaffeinate tea often removes many of its beneficial properties. Specifically, if tea is decaffeinated with the solvent ethyl acetate it may still taste good but it is unlikely to offer significant health benefits.

On the other hand, if it was decaffeinated using a process called effervescence it retains many of its health benefits as well as good taste.

All in all, tea is a good beverage to enjoy on a regular basis. In most instances the small amount of caffeine present in "full strength tea" shouldn't cause significant effects, and might offer some health benefits, too.

An aside - always limit caffeine intake after 3:00 so as not to interfere with nighttime sleep.

Be well.
Dr. Russ
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