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Dr Russ Blog - Vegetables in a Pill?
Vegetables in a Pill?
Created on 10/5/2012

Whether it's an advertisement, a food label, or a mainstream television show an unsettling message is being sent to consumers -

"You can get all the nutrients you need from vegetables and fruits without eating them - just take this!"

"This" might be a pill, or a drink, or some other functional food.

But the bottom line message translates to - We know you don't like eating vegetables and fruit - now you don't have to!"

Yeeeaaaaahh... But no.

And for some people that message about foregoing produce might be appealing. But it's not an appealing message for me, or for my patients. Here's why:

1) The single best way to get all the beneficial nutrients that produce can provide is by eating plenty of vegetables and fruit of all different colors - fresh is best, and frozen varieties are also an excellent choice;

2) As efficient, quick, and appealing as the approach might be there is very little in the way of data showing that taking a supplement, even a good supplement, can fully take the place of eating whole vegetables and fruit. No, you really need to eat vegetables and fruit to get their vitamins, fiber, and other phytonutrients that can help us to be well.

3) Vegetables don't have to be unsatisfying! There are PLENTY of ways to make vegetable dishes delicious, filling ans satifying. The same can be stated for various fruit options. This is much easier to do than you might think - a little research goes a long way and can mean a very satisfied and healthier family when it comes to meals.

Easy isn't always better. It might be easy to get SOME of the benefits of eating vegetables and fruit by popping a pill, but you won't get all the benefits associated with the foods...

and the foods will almost always taste a whole lot better.

Be well.
Dr. Russ
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