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Dr Russ Blog - To Lose Weight - Alternate!
To Lose Weight - Alternate!
Created on 12/13/2013

Amidst all the weight loss advice that fills the airwaves, books, and magazines you may have heard about alternate day fasting.

The idea is to eat what you like one day, then drastically cut your food intake the next (around 600 calories total), then go back to eating what you like on day #3, fast on day #4, and so on.

All in all, the program ensures less caloric intake over the course of weeks and months so that, together with regular exercise and appropriate stress management, a person can lose unwanted weight.

Makes sense, but it's rather extreme. Take a look at food labels next time you shop and see how little you'd be permitted to eat if limited to 600 calories over the course of a day.

Very little.

Plus, it's worth keeping in mind that eating is often - let's see, the right word would be -


Taking joy out of your life by not eating much at all every other day seems unhealthy.

But what if you could modify the program to make it reasonable and potentially effective?

You can.

The way forward can be called Modified Alternate Day Fasting and it looks like this:

Day #1 - eat healthily and as much food as you normally would

Day #2 - eat heathily and cut back total food intake by 1/4 (25%)

Repeat on alternating days as above.

Thus, every other day you would take in 1/4 fewer calories than normal - enough to make a difference over time, but not enough to make a big dent in your ability to enjoy eating.

A plus - early research shows this gentle approach to losing weight works. Be patient, though - eating in this way can help you lose weight and maintain the weight loss, but in a very gradual manner.

This could be a nice way to start out the New Year - you don't have to give up much yet can feel you are contributing to your health in a gentle, but real way.

Be well.
Dr. Russ
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