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Dr Russ Blog - Of Noise and Calm
Of Noise and Calm
Created on 12/12/2012

The other day I was walking into the hospital and heard the unmistakable sound of a car alarm going off in the parking deck. I saw Security enter the deck but the alarm went on and on, and continued to sound off for nearly an hour. As I entered my office and began to work I continued to hear the noise, only occasionally giving it attention but always knowing it was there. It was a little bothersome, a little irritating, but no big deal.

And yet, even small irritants can add up and contribute to our overall sense of stress. SUch is the case with noise.

All the day thorugh we are exposed to a wide variety of sounds - car horns, machine noises, advertisements, news broadcasts and more, as well as  enjoyable sounds such as music.

To help promote optimal health and wellbeing, it makes sense to lessen exposure to bothersome noise as much as you can, and work to create added exposure to healing noises - such as music and the sounds of nature.

Beyond that, it's helpful to create time in your day for quiet - maybe it's the early morning before everyone in the house gets up, or just before going to bed at night. Regardless, time set aside for quiet rest, contemplation, prayer or meditation supports  not only emotional health, but good physical and even spiritual health, too.

Wishing you peace (and quiet!).
Be well.
Dr. Russ
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