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Dr Russ Blog - Kidney Stones? Diet Can Help
Kidney Stones? Diet Can Help
Created on 7/23/2013

D sent in a question about kidney stones.

She shared that she has had two episodes, both requiring surgical intervention. D asks if dietary changes could help prevent further stone formation.

That's a really good question, D.

Urolithiasis, or kidney stones, is a very common disorder in the so-called Kidney Stone Belt of the US (the Southeast). The majority of kidney stones are composed primarily of calcium, and your diet can play a big role in helping to prevent more kidney stones.

Here are some suggestions:

- stay well-hydrated, and add lemon to your tea or sparkling water (doing so adds citrate to the drink; once ingested, citrate can help bind calcium and prevent kidney stones)

- try not to eat foods high in oxalates such as spinach, sweet potatoes, chocolate and nuts (oxalates may contribute to formation of kidney stones)

- limit caffeine and animal protein intake, both of which may increase the incidence of kidney stones

- eat more fiber-rich foods to reduce calcium levels in the urine.

Preventive medicine in the form of prescription drug therapy and more may be recommended by your doctor, but dietary changes such as those listed above are often discussed, too, and may be very helpful in preventing further stone formation.

Thanks for a good question, D! Good luck!
Be well.
Dr. Russ
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