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Dr Russ Blog - How Much Exercise Is Enough? Maybe As Little As 15 Minutes A Day
How Much Exercise Is Enough? Maybe As Little As 15 Minutes A Day
Created on 10/4/2011

I am frequently asked about exercise and this week is no exception - T sent in a question saying she is confused by all the information on exercise and health, and would like to know how often she needs to exercise to support her good health.

There are plenty of good fitness guidelines out there - the majority of them recommend setting a goal of exercising for 30-60 minutes on most days of the week, with an emphasis on aerobic exercise such as swimming, running, dancing and walking.

Speaking of walking, a newly published study out of The Lancet suggests that as little as 15 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercise can benefit your health - 15 minutes!

And brisk walking counts as moderate -intensity exercise.

People who engaged in a daily brisk walk could expect up to a 3-year increase in life expectancy compared with people who don't exercise at all. That's amazing! And, pretty easy to do.

Every additional 15 minutes of fitness activity per day further reduced the risk of illness and death.

Most of us struggle to make time to exercise every day - the drive to the gym takes time, then  we exercise for up to an hour, then shower, then drive back - the minutes can add up. But what if you could access significant health benefits simply by walking briskly for 15-30 minutes each day?

You can!

Maybe you can walk with friends and family after dinner.

Maybe you can take a quick walk during lunch hour.

Maybe you can start your day with a brisk walk - around the neighborhood, in the gym, or even around your house.

T, the majority of experts recommend that you exercise most days of the week for up to an hour at a time, and that you mix some weight-bearing exercise (strength-training) in with your aerobic fitness activities.

But it's worthwhile keeping in mind that even just 15 minutes a day of moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, can put you in a much better place health-wise than if you were not active at all. More time spent in the pursuit of fitness is better, but 15 minutes of exercise is far better for you than no physical activity.

Even on the busiest of days, most of us can take 15 minutes out of our schedule to do something good for ourselves. So get those walking shoes on - and be well.
Dr. Russ

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