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Dr Russ Blog - Honey for Your Child's Cough - Use Caution
Honey for Your Child's Cough - Use Caution
Created on 9/13/2013

Young children frequently get viral upper respiratory tract infections (colds).

The good news is that kids usually get better on their own in a few days.

Still, we parents often feel the need to give them something to help relieve bothersome symptoms. Research over the past decade suggests this might not be in our kids' best interest - most over-the-counter children's cough and cold remedies have little effect.

Worse, some of them can be dangerous for kids.

To be honest, most children don't need anything to help them get over a cold - they are strong and resilient enough that their own healing systems will clear the infection.

But if your child is coughing at night, preventing them (and you) from getting needed rest, there is a natural remedy that could do them good while also tasting good:


In a small number of studies honey has been shown to help reduce nighttime coughs in kids with colds.


When kids suffering with a cough and cold are given a little more than a teaspoonful of honey they often experience a reduction in nighttime cough, which helps both child and parent.


Doing so is associated with a very dangerous illness called botulism.

Most children with a cold who are coughing at night won't need any type of intervention save your love and plenty of fluids. But if you want to give them something they'll likely enjoy and that might help them get some sleep, try a small amount of honey (as long as they're not less than one year old).

And maybe brush their teeth afterwards - honey can stick to the teeth and contribute to cavities.

Be well.
Dr. Russ
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