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Dr Russ Blog - Egg-zactly - A Few Eggs a Week Are Okay
Egg-zactly - A Few Eggs a Week Are Okay
Created on 8/31/2012

A study just published in the journal Atherosclerosis (the title having to do with the buildup of plaque and damage to blood vessels that often leads to cardiovascular disease) makes the eating of eggs seem like a potentially harmful thing.


Because egg yolks contain a fair amount of cholesterol, and the authors of the study suggest it is too much, potentially contributing to the development of inflammation and later heart disease if eaten regularly.

But egg yolks are also packed with nutrients, including choline, and even more so if you purchase omega-3 eggs (the omega-3 fatty acids are concentrated in the yolk). Overall, eggs can also be considered a low fat, low calorie source of protein.

Studies have suggested that eating lots of eggs each week may increase the risk for diabates in some people. We don't know precisely why this might be, but it seems prudent to have only a couple of eggs each week if you are at risk for diabetes.

Otherwise, I believe that eating up to 4-5 eggs each week should not only be safe, it very well could be healthy for you.

If you're still concerned, enjoy egg whites instead (a very good protein source).

To learn more about eggs watch our VIDEO available here -

Be well.
Dr. Russ
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