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Dr Russ Blog - Checking in on the Paleo Diet
Checking in on the Paleo Diet
Created on 8/8/2014

The Paleo diet has legs - it has gone from being a fad diet to an eating program that many follow, and that many intend to continue following.

But is the Paleo diet a good way to eat long term?

I am not convinced that it is.

While variations exist, the Paleo diet generally focuses on eating plenty of vegetables and fruits (that's good), animal protein (that's okay), and nuts (also good).

It also often excludes whole grains, dairy products and beans (not so good, in fact not so good at all).

In the short term, following the Paleo diet may be a reasonable way to move towards a healthy eating program - for example, the Mediterranean pattern of eating (where whole grains, beans and some high-quality dairy products are [happily] included).

Over the long haul, however, concerns about high intakes of animal protein and, for example digestive health, remain.

Thinking about going Paleo? I think that's fine for 1-3 months, but use the diet to help you move towards a pattern of eating that has plenty of research to support it being a healthy way to eat - a Mediterranean diet.

Plenty of people swear by the Paleo diet, saying they feel better on it. And we shouldn't argue with those kinds of results - we should study the diet further.

But that hasn't happened in depth yet, so a short course of the Paleo diet seems okay and a better choice than going Paleo for months or years on end.

Check out our VIDEO on the topic - 

Be well.
Dr. Russ
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