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Dr Russ Blog - trans fat
Trans Fat - It May Be Banned
Created on 12/20/2013
Trans fat...

Partially hydrogenated oils...

Stuff that you probably don't want to see in the foods you eat.

In fact, stuff you really don't want to eat!

And the FDA may be making that easier for us in the coming months - soon trans fat may be banned from foods. Read More>>
Lower Trans Fat, Higher Saturated Fat? Not necessarily so...
Created on 6/14/2010
When food manufacturers take those unhealthy trans fats out, do they add more saturated fat in?

Experts have been worried that lower food trans fat levels might mean higher saturated fat content.

But the news is good - according to a recent report it appears that food manufacturers have largely NOT added significant amounts of saturated fat to their foods, even while removing trans fat.

It's always nice to have good news to report! Read More>>
More reason to be "trans fat free"
Created on 9/2/2008
Trans fat, as can be found in many fried or baked goods, margarine and vegetable shortening, are clearly not good for us. Studies have shown that trans fat can increase inflammation throughout the body and raise LDL ("bad") cholesterol levels. Now comes new research showing that regular intake of foods high in trans fat can also put us at risk for colon polyps. The good news is that the food industry has responded to these health concerns in recent years by moving away from trans fat on their menus and in their products. One important way to limit intake of trans fat is to read food labels carefully (and Harris Teeter Wellness Keys), another is to avoid fast food.  Read More>>
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