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Dr Russ Blog - Weight Loss
Is Crash Dieting Okay? Maybe...
Created on 10/24/2014
When it comes to healthy weight loss the mantra is "lose a small amount of weight each month, and over time you will have met your weight loss goal."

This way we can lose weight and maintain that weight loss over time.

Makes sense. So-called "crash diets", where calorie intake is drastically reduced for a short period, doesn't work over time. Right?

Well, crash diets MAY work for some, it turns out.

BUT the diet must be carefully formulated - work with a nutritionist. Read More>>
Low Carb Diet Wins Again
Created on 10/7/2014
Low carb diets.

Low fat diets.

There's enough information out there on these diet plans to make us all crazy.

And yet, a pattern is emerging.

The majority of recent research points to significant health benefits being associated with a low carb pattern of eating compared with a low fat diet - just remember that not all carbs are bad. Read More>>
Modified Alternate Day Fasting - the why and how
Created on 9/16/2014
You don't need to fast in order to lose weight.

Taken to an extreme, of course, fasting could be unhealthy for you.

However, alternate day fasting has shown promise for weight loss and reducing risk of cardiovascular disease.

An easier way that doesn't feel quite so harsh, yet may provide similar health benefits, is modified alternate fasting.   Read More>>
Prunes for Weight Loss - Really?
Created on 6/6/2014

The word conjures up all kinds of things, yet rarely something positive.

Funny, because prunes are known to have health benefits.

Plus they taste good.

And now comes word that eating a small amount each day may help promote healthy weight loss. Read More>>
To Lose Weight - Alternate!
Created on 12/13/2013
If only losing weight (healthily) could be made more easy...

Maybe it can.

There has been growing interest in alternate day fasting - eat what you like one day, then fast the next.

I'm not crazy about this idea - it seems extreme, and food is one of the great pleasures in life.

But there is a way to modify the fast day to make the approach reasonable. Read More>>
All Calories Are Not The Same
Created on 8/9/2013
"If this food has 100 calories, and this other food has 100 calories, I don't really have to choose between them - they're the same!"


In all likelihood, no.

Calories represent a measure of energy, in this case how much energy you are taking in when eating a specific food.

But foods have very different nutrient profiles, and health effects. Read More>>
Are Raspberry Ketones Safe? Effective?
Created on 12/4/2012
Raspberry ketones have been growing in popularity as a weight loss aid.

And there are VERY PRELIMINARY ANIMAL data suggesting they may be of slight help in this regard.

But it is way to early to go out and buy them - we don't yet know how effective they really are, and especially how safe they are.

Precautions exist for people taking medicine to help control diabetes as well as those on the blood thinning medication Coumadin (warfarin), among others.  Read More>>
HCG for Weight Loss?
Created on 1/13/2012
Have you heard about HCG, the new (maybe not so new!) weight loss wonder drug?

Yes, well you, too, could probably lose weight on a 500 calorie a day diet - and without the HCG. (You might not be healthy, however!)

Use of HCG for weight loss typically comes with recommendations to follow a very low calorie diet. And HCG has not been well-studied for weight loss.

Weight loss isn't easy, but the best way to achieve it remains a healthy combination of diet and exercise. Read More>>
Safflower Oil to Reduce Abdominal Fat? Maybe, Just Not Yet
Created on 1/6/2012
Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to spot reduce abdominal fat?

And wouldn't a research project finding positive results in this regard get a lot of attention?

Indeed. And recently a great deal of attention has been paid to the use of safflower oil to help reduce abdominal fat.

There's some promise here, but it's way too early to act on - why? Because there are some big issues with the approach. Read More>>
Is Dieting Good for Us?
Created on 5/6/2011
Are diets good for us? Might they be dangerous?

There are plenty of diet programs out there to help us lose weight. If it were easy we'd only need one..! It's not easy.

Popular diet programs that set reasonable nutrient intakes and goals can be helpful. Extreme weight loss programs? Not so much...

Most popular diets are reasonable - but diets are things we usually go on and off of - which is why I don't like them. There are better ways. Read More>>
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