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Dr Russ Blog - Vitamins and Supplements
Vitamin C - Should You Supplement?
Created on 3/28/2014
Adequate intake of vitamin C is important for good health. 

And figuring out how much is "adequate" can be confusing.

So many people turn to taking supplements.

But you don't need to supplement with vitamin C if you eat a variety of vegetables and fruits on a regular basis.

And they taste waaaaaaay better than pills! Read More>>
Calcium Supplements - Yes or No?
Created on 3/7/2013
Calcium has been in the news quite a bit of late.

Specifically calcium supplements - and their potential to do harm.

Provided your vitamin D levels are adequate you can usually get enough calcium from a varied and healthy diet.

And some people still could benefit from calcium supplements - your doctor will help you decide if you need them, but the dose should be relatively low. Read More>>
Antioxidant Produce - What to Do?
Created on 2/26/2013
Which vegetables and fruits have antioxidants in them?

The question comes up often, and since our last posting on antioxidant supplements it has popped up again.

The good news is that almost all vegetables and fruit offer some nutrient benefit to us - often in the form of antioxidants, and sometimes through other health-promoting compounds.

To get the widest variety of antioxidants eat a wide variety of brightly colored produce on a daily basis. Read More>>
Antioxidant Supplements - What to Do?
Created on 2/19/2013
Antioxidants such as vitamin C play an important role in maintaining optimal health.

The single best way to get them is by eating a wide variety of brightly colored vegetables and fruit. 

It's much easier to simply pop an antioxidant supplement pill though, isn't it?

Maybe easier, but not necessarily healthier for you. Some data now suggest that high dose antioxidants could be harmful in specific circumstances. Read More>>
Antioxidants - How Best to Get Them
Created on 1/25/2013
Plenty of people take vitamins and supplements.

Often those supplements include antioxidants.

There's debate about whether antioxidant supplementation is important for good health-

but there's no debate about the antioxidants you get from vegetables and fruit -

they're good for you! Read More>>
Vegetables in a Pill?
Created on 10/5/2012
There are plenty of products out there whose labels state:

"Equivalent to eating ____ servings of vegetables"

Sounds great.

And most things that sound too good to be true, well, are too good to be true.

The best way to get all the nutrients you need to obtain from vegetables and fruit is to eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruit! Read More>>
Do You Need to Take Supplements?
Created on 7/13/2012
It seems everyone is taking a vitamin.

Or a supplement. Maybe an herb.

Do you really need any of these to be healthy?

It depends. But regardless you shouldn't need to take a lot of supplements to be healthy -

provided you're eating (and hopefully enjoying) a healthy diet. Read More>>
Vitamin D - How Much is Too Much?
Created on 6/1/2012
The sunshine vitamin (vitamin D) is pretty natural, right?

So there shouldn't be any reason to fear taking too much of it, right?

Um - wrong!

Even though vitamins and minerals may naturally appear in our foods and, specifically in the case of vitamin D, be created in our skin getting too much of them can be dangerous.

Read on to figure out how much vitamin D you should take, if any. Read More>>
Stay Healthy with Vitamins and Supplements?
Created on 11/18/2011
Let's say you're in your 50s, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, and a family history of heart disease and diabetes -

what would you do to stay healthy?

There's a lot you can do, starting by working with a good primary care doctor.

But there's also plenty you can do at home to help control blood pressure and cholesterol, and to help prevent illnesses that other family members have experienced.

It comes down to diet and lifestyle, maybe even a few vitamins / supplements. Read More>>
Is Mixing Meds and Vitamins Okay?
Created on 11/11/2011
Let's say you've been prescribed a medication.

And that you take vitamins and supplements, maybe even some herbal medicine.

Why not just take them all together?

Because it may not be safe to do so!

Just because something is "natural" does not make it safe, and any agent with activity in the body might also interefere with a prescription drug's actions. Read More>>
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