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Dr Russ Blog - Stress
Boston - Managing Fear When Fear Hits Home
Created on 4/16/2013
Our prayers go out to all who suffered as a result of yesterday's events at the Boston Marathon.

Even people outside the Boston area may experience some degree of suffering, perhaps in the form of fear.

Experts say that the goal of terror is to induce fear. The best counter to fear is control.

We can manage our response to terror by taking control of what we can and acting to better the world in ways small and large. Read More>>
Taking the Holidays in Stride
Created on 12/17/2012

The December holidays should be a time of joy, wonder, and family.


But sometimes they’re also kind of stressful…


And they don’t have to be – read on to learn about simple steps you can take towards making sure the holidays are meaningful, enjoyable and manageable.


Read More>>
Of Noise and Calm
Created on 12/12/2012
On a daily basis we're exposed to a variety of sounds -

Conversation... And more.

Background noise can impact us in ways we may not be aware of - it can calm us, or add to a sense stress.

Try to expose your self to healing sounds more often, and shut out those noises that irritate and offend as best you can. Read More>>
Relax and Breathe
Created on 12/17/2010
We all know that the holidays, even as wonderful as they are, can be stressful.

There are many good ways to manage stress effectively, but some of the easiest are also the least expensive options.

For example - breathing exercises.

Simply paying attention to your breathing pattern, and perhaps slowing it down just a bit, can go a long way towards "taking the edge off" a stressful situation. Read More>>
The smell of lavender helps your head and your heart.
Created on 11/4/2008
Stress, stress, stress! D sees articles about stress everywhere and sent in a question about stress management, wanting to know what she can do to manage daily stress when not having enough time each day is perhaps her greatest source of stress. Want to know about a stress-less way to reduce stress? Use the smell of lavender.

Whether from a flowering plant, scented candle or aromatherapy diffuser, the aroma of lavender can relax us and brighten our moods. Medical research even shows that lavender aromatherapy can promote heart and brain health.

You may not have time for all the things that bring you peace, but simply having a source of lavender's aroma nearby might be an easy way to bring a sense of calm to your life.  Read More>>
When you're a mess from stress...
Created on 6/6/2008
Stress can be defined in many different ways, but perhaps the easiest definition is "change." We cannot totally prevent change in our lives, but we should make an effort to learn how to create balance, enhance coping skills, and otherwise explore ways to "roll with the punches." You may ask, "Why?" What's the big deal? It's just part of life." The problem is that inadequately managed stress can undermine our health, not just our emotional or spiritual wellbeing, but even our physical health. There are many different activities that can help to relieve stress; the key is to give ourselves the freedom to explore new and healthy ways of managing stress, or at least to regularly use the good options we know work well for us. Read More>>
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