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What About Salt in Recipes?
Created on 6/3/2011
The news about salt / sodium in the diet is sobering - it's clear we need to watch our total salt content to stay healthy.

But salt also helps make our food taste better - do we have to give it up altogether in the kitchen?

No, but you need to be smart about salt use - there are some important guidelines I'd like to share about how best to use salt, if at all, especially when it comes to home cooking.

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Salt in the News - AGAIN! This Time - Fast Food.
Created on 6/1/2010
I've posted a number of blogs on sodium / salt in recent months, but a new study adds a wrinkle to the discussion - and yet another reason to limit intake of fast food.

It turns out that fast food meals are often VERY high in sodium.

And you know that high salt / sodium intake is one the biggest risk factors for development of high blood pressure.

Fast food is high in calories, high in fat, and high in sodium. Thus, it is high on the list of foods NOT to eat! Read More>>
Salt II
Created on 1/22/2010
S says it can be hard to watch your salt intake when even the so-called healthy items seem to contain a lot of salt / sodium.

And she's right.

Last month I discussed an article that examined the potential health and financial benefits of lowering daily salt intake. This month the latest data are specific to the US, and the findings are similar - cutting back on salt will help us all to be healthier.

Read your food labels, don't add salt to your meals, and support efforts to place limits on salt in processed foods. Read More>>
High Salt Intake = High Risk
Created on 12/8/2009

J says that she enjoys salty food and is healthy – why does she have to give up salt?!


Many of us enjoy salty foods and even add salt to our meals. We’ve long heard that doing so is not good for us, but now comes the results of a review on the topic that shows MAJOR risks (high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease) associated with typical-to-high salt / sodium intakes.


J, look for your favorite foods in low-sodium forms (read your food labels!) and please don’t add salt to your meals to help you stay well!

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Curry - Spice of Life?
Created on 10/30/2009
Do you enjoy the delicious taste of curry foods? If so, great!

And if you've not tried curry dishes, maybe it's time to try.

A newly published study suggests that eating curry foods may help prevent some forms of cancer, perhaps especially those of the digestive tract.

So, maybe it's time to add a new Indian or Thai twist to that favorite recipe of yours!

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