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Dr Russ Blog - Protein
Tofu - Cooks like Chicken!
Created on 6/13/2014
For many people the word "tofu" conjures up an image of tasteless food that is hard to cook with.

Not true.

Tofu can be used just like chicken, quickly absorbs flavors from other foods and spices, and is a filling protein source.

Plus, it's relatively inexpensive. Read More>>
Added Fiber and Protein Can Be Easy - and Tasty
Created on 11/30/2012
Getting adequate protein into your diet is relatively easy, and it doesn't all have to come from animals.

At the same time, you likely know that fiber is important for good health.

Protein + fiber all in one food source would sure be nice...

A good solution -

Beans! Read More>>
Can you be vegan and be healthy?
Created on 8/25/2011

Many people believe that it’s hard to be healthy while following a vegan diet because there’s not enough protein in the diet – not true.

A vegan diet seems extreme to some folks – after all, it means eating no food from animal sources, including eggs and dairy products.

So how do people following a vegan diet stay healthy? Can they get enough protein?

Research suggests that eating a diet that centers around vegetables and fruit may be the healthiest way to go, and it’s relatively easy to access adequate protein through the regular eating of plant-based protein sources.

Vegans do, however, have to be careful to supplement wisely.


Read More>>
You Might Need Seeds - Flaxseeds
Created on 3/25/2011
Ground flaxseed has a nutty flavor that when added to cereals or salads provides both a taste treat and a health benefit.

Flaxseed is high in fiber and contains lignans, which may offer protection against specific illnesses.

Be sure to ground your flaxseeds before using them.

Until more research is done to clarify some health issues, it seems prudent to limit exposure to flaxseed oil products and focus more on adding a small amount of the ground seeds to the diet. Read More>>
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