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A Time to Stop
Created on 5/27/2011
Memorial Day weekend...

Barbecues... Races... Swimming pools... Good stuff!

Make it even better this year by adding gratitude to the equation - gratitude for loved ones, for peace in our homeland, for good health...

and for the women and men of our Armed Forces, the people who gave and give so that we might have the freedom to enjoy life to its fullest. Read More>>
Meditation - One Easy Way to Start
Created on 4/29/2011
Meditation is part of almost all religious traditions, but is unique in that the practice does not need to be religious in nature.

Meditation can simply be used to help you be well.

Research suggests many health benefits associated with regular meditation, and while there are many different varieties of meditation practice and many teaching programs out there...

you can easily get started on your own. Read More>>
Use Your Head!
Created on 4/8/2011
If you don't believe in a therapy being offered by your doctor, does it make a difference?

Turns out, yes. Not believing in the therapy may make it less helpful.

If you do believe in the therapy, does that also make a difference?

Yes. It may help the treatment to be more successful.

Recent research underscores what many of us somehow knew, but that science is only now catching up to - that the mind and body interact. Read More>>
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