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Pomegranate and warfarin may lead to black and blue!
Created on 9/18/2009
A recent case report helps point out something we all should know – what is natural is not always synonymous with what is safe, and if an agent has the capacity for beneficial action it might also have the capacity for side effects.

Many of us have heard about the possible health benefits of drinking pomegranate juice, and there are some research data that support this suggestion. However, pomegranate juice may interfere with the metabolism of certain medications, like the blood-thinning agent warfarin (also known as coumadin). If you’re on medication and enjoy pomegranate juice on a regular basis, please mention this to your doctor and get her/his opinion.
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A Book You've Got to Read
Created on 8/18/2009
The perception and process of US healthcare reform has rapidly gone through transitions, from a necessity to ensure the security of our country, to a ploy by the government to take everything over and socialize our system, to fearmongering and protectionism by those who oppose change of any kind, and everything all at once.

Let's be clear - the healthcare system of our country is unsustainable in its present form. The question remaining is, what do we do?

A big part of the answer can be found in Andrew Weil's new book, "Why Our Health Matters," due out in September. Not content to simply point out problems, he provides reasonable solutions. Read More>>
Nature, nurture and personal health
Created on 6/29/2009
"My mom had high blood pressure and osteoporosis so I know I'm going to get them, too."

I hear this kind of thing from my patients frequently. I then gently ask them to snap out of it!

Research shows that even though we might have a family tendency towards developing an illness, it doesn't mean we will get that illness, provided we take good care of ourselves. Read More>>
Bringing a little of the Mediterranean into your home
Created on 6/26/2009
I've just returned home from a visit to Israel and want to report to you how easy and enjoyable it can be to follow a Mediterranean-style diet every day.

As you know, the Mediterranean diet has been promoted as the healthiest diet we can follow. Data strongly suggest that eating in this way can help lessen the risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes among other illnesses.

Here in the US it might seem a hassle to shop for vegetables, fruit, fish, whole grains, nuts and extra virgin olive oil to use for meals rather than simply going to a fast food center. But it's truly easy, and when surrounded by people who eat this way every day it begins to feel completely natural. Soon we're likely to feel better, maybe even healthier. Read More>>
Of Caregiving and Balance
Created on 6/12/2009
Caregivers are a special breed. They are also growing in number as our loved ones age or becoome ill and require more consistent care on a daily basis.

Caring for a loved one in this way is angel's work.

It is also very, very hard and can impact the caregiver's health in unhealthy ways.

The seat of all healing is kindness. As you care for your loved ones in need, be sure to show your self kindness along the way. Ensure that you are able to take breaks, to get adequate sleep, and to create healthy boundaries so you don't lose your self or get sick, too. Easy? No. Important? YES. Read More>>
Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics - Personalizing Your Healthy Diet
Created on 6/3/2009
We're all made up of unique genetic materials. We all eat food. They're separate things and have no association with one another, right? Actually, no...

The study of nutrigenetics focuses on one's unique susceptibility to specific foods.

The study of nutrigenomics, on the other hand, investigates how dietary factors affect the expression / activation of specific genes.

We're genetically programmed to respond to foods in a specific way, but we're also set up to turn genes on and off based on the way we eat...
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Health care reform discussion comes to NC
Created on 4/7/2009
I was privileged to attend last week's forum on Health Care reform hosted by Governor Purdue, and pleased to hear that prevention of disease, not simply disease management, was emphasized as part of the answer to the woes of our healthcare system.

No, President Oabma was not in attendance, but Nancy-Ann DeParle, director of the White House Office on Health Reform, was. She could not help but hear the message of personal wellness and primary disease prevention.

I sincerely believe that integrative medicine, where preventing illness is central, will play a significant role in our future health care, and will continue to do my best to help bring that message to our government representatives. Read More>>
Ouch! Trust, research, and pain relief.
Created on 3/17/2009
Trust is of great importance when we meet with our doctors. What happens when our doctor has been trusting the information she / he has been reading in their medical journals to help patients, only to find that the "research" has been made up?

Unfortunately, that's just what happened when a prominent researcher recently admitted he made up a lot of the data he published on the use of certain drugs for pain relief after surgery.

Trust your doctor to do what's right - to use their smarts and their experience (and yours!) to figure out what's best for you. Do your best to stay well so that painful conditions never occur in the first place, and use common sense and rely on your personal doctor to help relieve pain when it does occur. Read More>>
Use of CAM therapies growing in the US
Created on 1/16/2009
Newly published data from the 2007 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) show that almost 4/10 adults and 1/9 children are using some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Data for use in children were not collected the last time the survey was performed (2002), but these numbers represent an increase of more than 2% for adult CAM use.

What is CAM? The definition shifts frequently, but many consider CAM therapies to be those not typically taught in US medical schools or used by conventional medical doctors. As more research is done, however, many treatments once deemed CAM are now considered mainstream medical interventions (like acupuncture).

Some CAM therapies have the potential to be of help to us, but many have yet to be investigated thoroughly to assure effectiveness and safety. It is always best to discuss your use of CAM therapies with your doctor first to be sure they are right for you.
Announcing yourwelless for Families!
Created on 1/6/2009
The new, FREE yourwellness for Families program lays out a reasonable
15-week wellness program designed to help optimize the entire family's health and wellbeing. Components of the adult and children's programs are presented side-by-side so that the healthy dietary and lifestyle habits you explore through yourwellness for Families can become a way of life for each member of the family.

Pick up your FREE yourwellness for Families guide at your neighborhood Harris Teeter store - and don't forget to sign up for our bi-monthly yourwellness
e-newsletter! Along with tips for getting and staying healthy, you'll also receive nutritious recipe ideas and member-only discounts!

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