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Healthy Product Not Available? Just Ask!
Created on 4/18/2014
You've heard about a new healthy product that you'd like to try.

You scan the store shelves but can't find it.

What to do?

It's easy - just ask.

Go to the Customer Relations desk and request that the product be carried in the store. There's a good chance your request will be granted. Read More>>
Understanding "Sell-By" and "Use-By" Dates
Created on 3/14/2014
"Use-by" and "Sell-by" dates on products can be a source of confusion and concern -

are products safe to prepare and eat after the dates?

Do products taste right after the dates?

Following the dates makes the most sense from both a quality and safety perspective. Read More>>
The Health of Americans - Room for Improvement
Created on 1/24/2014
"Americans enjoy the best health and have the greatest health care in the world."

Isn't that right? Apparently not.

A new report comparing the health of Americans to people living in other high-income nations shows us to be lagging behind almost every other country on the list.

The reasons behind this are many - but you can act to better your own health.  Read More>>
Welcoming the New Year - A Time to Pause
Created on 12/31/2013
2014 - wow!

A New Year is dawning and it is filled with promise.

As we begin the New Year it is worthwhile to consider the value of pause - taking time to reflect on days past and days to come.

Ringing in the New Year with parties and laughter is great -

and it might be a good idea to set aside a little time just for your self, too. Read More>>
A New Way to Stop Smoking
Created on 12/27/2013
"Quit smoking."

If you smoke, your doctor / family members / friends have all likely asked  that you quit.

There's no debate over whether or not you'd be healthier if you did quit.

But quitting can be hard. In fact, sometimes it's really hard.

But it can be done. And a recent study suggests that meditation can help. Read More>>
The Dr. Oz Effect - How Much is Too Much?
Created on 3/19/2013
The Dr. Oz Show does a great job of sharing helpful health information with viewers in a way that's easy to understand. 

If you watch every day, however, you may wonder how many of the supplements do you have to take, which dietary practices to put in place, or which other activities are a must for you.

It could get confusing, even overwhelming.

Don't let that happen - simply use a small number of recommendations that apply to you most closely (and discuss them first with your doctor). Read More>>
A Resolution We Can All Live Better With
Created on 12/26/2012

New Year’s Resolutions…

 we make them,

 and often break them.

 There’s a better way, a more useful way to make your New Year’s Resolutions.

 Think kindness…

Read More>>
Cruciferous Vegetables - Yum!
Created on 9/21/2012
You may have heard of cruciferous vegetables, but -

which vegetables are cruciferous vegetables?

You've likely eaten more than a few - including broccoli and cauliflower.

But there are others, and they are really good for you.

And they may just help fight cancer. Read More>>
Does Dr. Russ Follow His Own Recommendations?
Created on 9/14/2012
It's easy to give advice, less easy to follow it.

But Dr. Russ really does follow the advice shared with you.


Because 1) the research shows doing so is good for health; 2) he feels better for doing so, and 3) most of the time it's fun!

Plus, he leaves room for the occasional splurge. Read More>>
What to Have for Breakfast...
Created on 7/20/2012
"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day>

You've heard that before, right?

It may well be true.

But it can be hard to make time to cook breakfast - let alone eat it - when you're on the run.

Read on for easy tips on how have a quick, healthy breakfast every day. Read More>>
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