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7 Minutes A Day to Good Health?
Created on 5/28/2013
People often ask how long we need to exercise to obtain health benefits. Answers range from 15 to 60 minutes on most to every day of the week, and the type of exercise recommended can vary widely. But a relatively new study reinforces the idea that high intensity workouts of a relatively brief duration can offer significant health benefits - similar to those seen with longer workouts. The catch? You have to put in a lot of effort during the short bursts of exercise. Read More>>
Exercise - Do You Need Rest Days?
Created on 2/7/2013
Do muscles really need time to rest when you are exercising them?

The answer is - yes.

In fact, not only is it important to build rest days into your fitness regimen, it can be important to build in periods of rest WHILE you are exercising.

Appropriate rest gives your muscles the time to recover and function appropriately, and helps to avoid injury. Read More>>
Relax, But Don't Sit Down
Created on 7/20/2012
A recent study looked at the impact of sitting and television watching on population-based life expectancy.

Not surprisingly, researchers found that being sedentary may shave years off life expectancy in the US.

More troubing, however, is this - regular exercise may not completely offset the effects of being sedentary.

The take home message - try your best not to spend more than a couple of hours sitting each day, AND exercise regularly. Read More>>
Weight Loss - Taking the First Step
Created on 6/8/2012
It seems everyone is trying to lose weight these days.

And it's often not very easy to do in a healthy and successful way.

With all the information / misinformation out there about how best to lose weight, what is the best way to get started?

The first step in weight loss is to take that first step - literally. A simple exercise regimen can contribute to healthy weight management -

as well as a happy mood and healthy heart. Read More>>
How Much Exercise Is Enough? Maybe As Little As 15 Minutes A Day
Created on 10/4/2011
30, 45, 60, 90 minutes a day... Just how much do you have to exercise to benefit your health?

There are plenty of guidelines, most of them very good, but results from a new study suggest that even just 15 minutes a day is good for you.

15 minutes!

Yes, you have to exert your self at least a little, but even 15 minutes a day can help make you healthier than a person who doesn't exercise at all. Read More>>
Creating a Fun and Effective Exercise Program
Created on 6/17/2011
Everyone knows they need to exercise. It's hard to do every day, but vitally important to health.

Even for those who do exercise regularly, sometines exercise routines can become stale and boring.

Plus, there's always new information coming out about the latest fitness craze.

How can you figure out the best exercise regimen that's right for you? Read on for some tips, and keep in mind that as long as you're doing SOMETHING to keep fit, you're doing good for your body and your mind. Read More>>
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