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Dr Russ Blog - Dairy
Kefir - What's That?
Created on 7/10/2014
Have you ever heard of kefir?

Many people have not, and we all may be hearing more about it in the future.

That's because kefir, a traditional beverage, contains probiotic organisms that may promote good health.

Research suggests benefits with respect to lactose intolerance and perhaps fending off certain infections.

And, generally speaking, kefir passes the taste test! Read More>>
Artifically Sweetened Milk?
Created on 4/5/2013
Kids are drinking less milk these days - hopefully more water and less soda, but definitely less milk.

Some people, namely the dairy industry, think a "solution" would be to make milk sweeter by adding the artificial sweetener, aspartame, to flavored milks.

And not putting it on the front label of the milk carton.

Whatever you think of the idea of adding asparatme to milk (I think it's a very bad idea), most anyone would agree that less than transparent labeling is crossing a line that should not be crossed. Read More>>
Dairy (in moderation) is Good for Most
Created on 1/11/2013
Are dairy products good for you? Or do they cause inflammation in the body?

A little of both.

Generally, dairy can be considered a healthy option in moderation. Lean organic when possible.

However, dairy products contain a protein called casein that can drive inflammation in some people.

While dairy products are a good source of calcium, there are plenty of others. Read More>>
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