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Dr Russ Blog - Colds and Flu
The Flu Shot - Yet Another Reason to Get It
Created on 11/8/2013
Okay, you may be a little tired of hearing this, but...

Ask your doctor about getting the annual flu vaccine.


Doing so may not only help prevent you from "catching" the flu (a pretty ornery illness), but might even help you stay well in other ways -

think protection against cardviovascular disease (heart attack and stroke). Read More>>
Flu Shot - Yes or No?
Created on 10/11/2013
It's that time of year again when people start talking about the flu, the flu vaccine, and whether or not to get vaccinated.

To be clear - YOU SHOULD GET THE FLU VACCINE - unless you have a health condition where your doctor recommends against receiving the vaccine.

The flu can be bad, and infection with influenza virus kills many people each year.

And you can largely protect yourself simply by getting your flu shot. Read More>>
Honey for Your Child's Cough - Use Caution
Created on 9/13/2013
The next time your youngster has a cold and her / his cough keeps them (and you) up at night you might reach for the kitchen cabinet instead of the medicine cabinet -

for a little bit of honey.

Honey has been shown to help lessen nighttime coughs in children with colds.

Zinc for the Common Cold?
Created on 1/18/2013
The best way to take care of the common cold?

Do your best not to catch it in the first place!

But if you do come down with a cold you might be tempted to give zinc lozenges a try - do they work?

Well, they might, but the research results are inconsistent and there are a few precautions to keep in mind. Read More>>
The Common Cold - What to Do?
Created on 10/19/2012
It's cold season - you might have noticed, as there are plenty of people around hacking and coughing.

What can you do?

Work to prevent yourself from getting a cold in the first place through relatively simple yet effective measures.

Those same measures can also help shorten the duration and lessen the severity of symptoms if you do get a cold. Read More>>
The Flu - Personal Experience!
Created on 9/19/2011
The "wellness guy" is not supposed to get sick.

Tell that to my body over the past weekend. I got the flu. A little early, it seems, but the symptoms fit the bill.

While it was no picnic, I followed the recommendations I've shared with readers in the past about what to do if you get the flu - and after 2 days I am almost completely back to good health.

Follow the basics and you may not even get the flu. But if you do, you'll still be better off than if you'd not taken precautions and cared well for yourself. Read More>>
Of Echinacea and Individuality
Created on 1/28/2011
A new study on the herb echinacea sheds additional light on how it might best be used, if at all.

Echinacea is often used to help treat the common cold.

Many studies have been done on a wide variety of echinacea formulations, with results that vary significantly. It seems that some people get better with echinacea, and some don't

And that's the way of many things - some work for one and not another. People are different, and sometimes what works for them differs, too. Read More>>
Be Social To Be Well, Even During Cold and Flu Season
Created on 12/14/2010
You may have heard it's a good idea to avoid being around people during cold and flu season to lessen the chance you may "catch" something.

The good news - that advice is largely not true.

You may be exposed to more "germs" being out and about, but many studies suggest that supporting the need for human connection by being with people boosts the immune system, and might be even more important for keeping you well than avoiding the various "bugs" out there.

So getting social during cold and flu season may help keep you healthy! Read More>>
"Should I Get The Flu Vaccines?"
Created on 9/2/2010
Every year we are reminded to get our flu vaccine.

Last year there were added concerns about the H1N1 flu virus.

Still people regularly ask, "Do I really need to get a flu shot?"

And the answer for almost everyone is - YES.

Please speak with your healthcare provider to see if you should get the annual flu vaccine. Odds are they will say yes. Read More>>
The Common Cold and What to Do
Created on 3/26/2010
It seems a lot of people are walking around with early spring colds - how can you avoid gettig one yourself?

When it comes to preventing colds our mothers were right, especially about washing your hands frequently. At least use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer throughout the day.

If you do get a cold, baby yourself by getting a little more rest than usual.

There are some reasonable natural remedies for consideration, but I usually recommend against over-the-counter decongestants and cough suppressants. Read More>>
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