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Dr Russ Blog - Children
Mediterranean Diet Helps Overweight Kids
Created on 6/25/2014
The Mediterranean pattern of eating is often in the news because new research keeps supporting its role in promoting good health.

Now comes word that following a Mediterranean diet program can help reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Even kids like most foods included in the Mediterranean diet.

And if they eat these foods more often..

maybe you will, too! This way of eating is generally healthy. Read More>>
Helping to Manage Childhood Oral Thrush
Created on 2/28/2012
Oral thrush is a common fungal infection in infants. 

It also occurs frequently in older children after a course of antibiotics or who have been using inhaled steroid medication.

Otherwise healthy children typically clear the infection on their own within a few weeks, but treatment is usually warranted. Probiotic supplements and even some plain yogurts may help.

Speak with your child's doctor to 1) be sure the diagnosis of oral thrush is correct and 2) to see whether gentle antifungal medication might be of use. Read More>>
Feeding Your Baby Well
Created on 4/9/2010
Breast milk is the best source of food for newborns, no question. Data show that breastfeeding is not only good for baby but also good for the mom.

Some mothers cannot breastfeed, however. Does that mean their children will necessarily receive inadequate nutrition?

No. While breastfeeding is best for many reasons, there are some very good formulas available on the market now. But there are some important things to keep in mind... Read More>>
"Can my child be both vegetarian and healthy?"
Created on 4/17/2009
Following a vegetarian or vegan diet has been associated with a lower incidence of certain chronic illnesses and healthier body weight. While many parents believe that forgoing animal protein is not good for children, the majority of research suggests that children raised as vegetarians develop normally and healthily provided attention is paid to at least the following points:

- the child gets adequate protein
- the child gets adequate calories
- the child gets sufficient nutrients

Working with a well-trained nutritionist can ensure these goals are met. Read More>>
Integrative healthcare for children?
Created on 3/19/2009
"Alternative Medicine" - it's not a term I favor, because it implies we're using something completely apart from conventional medical care, and conventional medicine has lots to offer even with all its limitations. Remember, alternative medicine has its limitations, too, and nowhere is that more important to realize than when discussing the care of our children.

Rather than looking for an alternative medicine practitioner to be the primary care provider for your child, it would be better to work with a doctor who can discuss all available forms of care, both conventional and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies, with you. Pediatricians who fit this mold are growing in number.

In some areas finding an integrative pediatrician is hard, but in larger cities it's become much easier. Word of mouth about a good integrative pediatrician can be a good way to get started, as can some medical web sites (see below).Read More>>
"Kids meals" not kid friendly
Created on 8/22/2008
The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently completed a review of "kids meals" available at the some of the largest chain restaurants in the nation, and their findings are startling. While some healthy choices are available, the majority of "kids meal" options have too many calories, are high in saturated and trans fat, and contain far too much sodium / salt to be good for our children. In addition, the most common drink offered in combination with "kids meals?" You guessed it - soft drinks like soda.

We're all busy, and eating out is now less a treat than it is a less stressful way to get through the day and still feed our familes. But the healthiest meals come from our homes. When you do take the children out for a meal, read the nutrition information that is now commonly found in association with specific kids meals. It's okay to let the kids splurge on occasion, but a steady diet of restaurant fried foods or macaroni and cheese, as examples, is cl Read More>>
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