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Dr Russ Blog - Arthritis
Drink Milk to Protect Your Joints?
Created on 4/11/2014
Most of us grew up with the idea that drinking milk is good for us. Then came data suggesting that other foods containing calcium might be even better for us.

Now comes research suggesting that drinking a little milk each day might help protect joints against damage related to osteoarthritis.

However, eating cheese every day worsened joint health.

These data are preliminary, but a little milk might go a long way towards promoting joint health in the presence of osteoarthritis.  Read More>>
Are Nightshade Vegetables Bad for Arthritis?
Created on 9/14/2010
Dietary modification can be used to both prevent and treat certain ailments.
Sometimes that means avoiding specific foods that seem to trigger unwanted symptoms. In the case of arthritis, the main symptom would be pain.

Traditional wisdom has suggested that, when eaten, the nightshade family of vegetables can worsen arthritis symptoms.

However, I know of no scientific data to support that stance. Because we're all uniquely individual some people may respond poorly to nightshades, but in general there is no need to avoid nightshades if you have arthritis. Read More>>
Another Way to Go Green - Mussels
Created on 7/24/2009
Green lips..? Umm.. the words don't typically elicit a desirable response from your taste buds.

And yet, green-lipped mussels, like other mussels, can be prepared in delicious ways that provide a low-fat protein source, and maybe even a little known potential health benefit, too.

Studies performed on an extract from the green-lipped mussel show some people with mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis experienced improvement in their symptoms. No identifiable studies on eating green-lipped mussels yet, but they can be tasty, and maybe your joints will like them, too. Read More>>
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