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Dr Russ Blog - Allergies
Springtime, Allergies and Butterbur
Created on 3/21/2014
If you experience hay fever, springtime can be a challenging time of the year.

A day (or more!) with allergy symptoms can be rough.

And there are some very good ways to help manage hay fever.

One you may not know about is an herb that in at least one study was shown to be as effective as a prescription aid.

The herb is called butterbur - and there is a precaution to be aware of. Read More>>
Neti or Not?
Created on 4/9/2013
Spring is in the air!

And so is pollen.

For allergy sufferers this time of year can be a challenge.

One very useful tool is the neti pot - filled with sterile saline it can be used to help cleanse your nasal passages of debris and allergenic material.

BUT - don't use tap water! Read More>>
Allergies? Migraines? Think Butterbur
Created on 3/20/2012
Spring is here, and so is pollen season.

In addition, any season can be migraine season.

There are plenty of ways to help prevent and treat allergies and migraines - but one remedy just might impact both health issues - butterbur.

Be sure, however, to look for products labeled "PA-Free". Read More>>
A HEPA Filter Might Be Good For You
Created on 7/5/2011
Most every home has an air filter of some sort connected to their air conditioning and heating system.

And an air filter can be very important, not only because it can remove allergens in the air, but some may also trap particulate matter that otherwise could worsen a variety of disorders, including heart disease.

There are plenty of air filters available, but a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter seems to make the most sense. Read More>>
Local Honey for your Allergies?
Created on 5/21/2010
Research into the potential health benefits of honey is in its infancy, but interest is growing.

Part of the reason for increased attention is evidence that honey may have antibacterial activity and may help skin wounds heal.

As far as allergies go, however, there is almost no medical literature on the subject. Some people swear by it, but it's extremely important to keep in mind that many people with allergies will also be allergic to honey!

Also, never give a child under one year of age honey. Read More>>
Gluten and You
Created on 2/12/2010
"Gluten- Fee" - you might see this splashed across the label of some of your favorite foods. What is this all about?

Gluten is a protein found mainly in wheat, rye and barley products that many people are sensitive to when ingested (causing bothersome symptoms), while others who have celiac disease / sprue are actually in danger of causing themselves harm by eating gluten-containing foods.

The problem is that the symptoms of celiac disease are varied and often silent. Read on to find important information about celiac disease and appropriate testing through your doctor's office. Read More>>
Allergic to seafood and you can't go nuts
Created on 2/13/2009
C writes that she has food allergies, specifically allergies to seafood and nuts. She likes to cook and wonders what she can use in place of these foods when the recipe calls for them.

I asked my nutritionist yourwellness partner, Beth, for her opinion (I'm an okay cook, but I excel at eating!). When the recipe calls for seafood, chicken or tofu would seem reasonable alternatives. Tempeh, another option, has a texture sometimes likened to chicken.

As far as a replacement for nuts, consider soy nuts. They're actually not nuts at all, but dried soybeans. Beth says using them in a recipe gives you the texture of nuts and the taste is not overpowering. Most people with nut allergies tolerate soy well, but both are legumes so checking with your doctor first makes sense. Read More>>
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