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Dr Russ Blog - March 2014
Vitamin C - Should You Supplement?
Created on 3/28/2014
Adequate intake of vitamin C is important for good health. 

And figuring out how much is "adequate" can be confusing.

So many people turn to taking supplements.

But you don't need to supplement with vitamin C if you eat a variety of vegetables and fruits on a regular basis.

And they taste waaaaaaay better than pills! Read More>>
Springtime, Allergies and Butterbur
Created on 3/21/2014
If you experience hay fever, springtime can be a challenging time of the year.

A day (or more!) with allergy symptoms can be rough.

And there are some very good ways to help manage hay fever.

One you may not know about is an herb that in at least one study was shown to be as effective as a prescription aid.

The herb is called butterbur - and there is a precaution to be aware of. Read More>>
Understanding "Sell-By" and "Use-By" Dates
Created on 3/14/2014
"Use-by" and "Sell-by" dates on products can be a source of confusion and concern -

are products safe to prepare and eat after the dates?

Do products taste right after the dates?

Following the dates makes the most sense from both a quality and safety perspective. Read More>>
A Little Nutty (Eat Some Nuts!)
Created on 3/10/2014
Most people enjoy nuts from time to time.

And you might consider enjoying them a little more frequently because they appear to generally help keep us healthy.

A small handful of walnuts, or almonds, or cashews, or pistachios...

They taste good!

And they can be good for you. Read More>>
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