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Dr Russ Blog - June 2014
Mediterranean Diet Helps Overweight Kids
Created on 6/25/2014
The Mediterranean pattern of eating is often in the news because new research keeps supporting its role in promoting good health.

Now comes word that following a Mediterranean diet program can help reduce the risk of childhood obesity.

Even kids like most foods included in the Mediterranean diet.

And if they eat these foods more often..

maybe you will, too! This way of eating is generally healthy. Read More>>
Time Magazine Says "Eat Butter"
Created on 6/17/2014
A lot of people stay up to date by reading Time magazine.

Or maybe just by looking at the cover of Time magazine.

For the June 23rd edition you might want to do both.

The cover story is about saturated fat, and how we might have the story at least partially wrong.

It's a tale we have addressed in this blog and in our Videos - foods high in saturated may not be quite as unhealthy as we thought they were... Read More>>
Tofu - Cooks like Chicken!
Created on 6/13/2014
For many people the word "tofu" conjures up an image of tasteless food that is hard to cook with.

Not true.

Tofu can be used just like chicken, quickly absorbs flavors from other foods and spices, and is a filling protein source.

Plus, it's relatively inexpensive. Read More>>
Prunes for Weight Loss - Really?
Created on 6/6/2014

The word conjures up all kinds of things, yet rarely something positive.

Funny, because prunes are known to have health benefits.

Plus they taste good.

And now comes word that eating a small amount each day may help promote healthy weight loss. Read More>>
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