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Recycling and Packaging
Grocery Bags Packaging

Harris Teeter is committed to finding sustainable alternatives in packaging and will continue to support the use of environmentally friendly packaging throughout the company.

  • Harris Teeter uses produce bags that are 100% degradable.

  • Harris Teeter uses plant based (non-petroleum) plastic containers for our in-store fresh cut fruit and H.T. Traders salad kits. 

  • Harris Teeter's paper grocery bags are produced from 100% post-consumer recycled paper and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

  • Harris Teeter sells reusable bags and encourages its shoppers to use reusable bags as an alternative to paper or plastic. 

  • Harris Teeter’s hand shopping baskets are made from 100% recycled plastic


Harris Teeter has focused on implementing recycling practices in its stores to conserve landfill space, energy and natural resources:

  • Cardboard/Mixed Paper: Harris Teeter recycles cardboard and mixed paper. 
  • Plastic/Shrink Wrap: Harris Teeter recycles plastic, sending it to TREX to create wood-alternative products.
  • Motor Oil/Filters: Harris Teeter's transportation department recaptures and recycles used oil and oil filters. 
  • Cooking Oil: The company recycles fryer and rotisserie oil.
  • Electronics: Harris Teeter recycles electronics every year including cash registers, computers, and telephones.
  • Composting: Harris Teeter composts certain food waste.
  • Shopper Programs: 

    1. Harris Teeter makes it convenient for shoppers to recycle plastic and paper bags by installing recycling bins in each of its stores. 
    2. Harris Teeter has Coinstar machines in a majority of its stores -  exchanging coins for currency or gift cards reduces the number of new coins that need to be produced, lowering environmental impacts and preserving natural resources. 

     In 2014, Harris Teeter recycled 2.7 million pounds of plastic.

    Coinstar Machine and Recycle Bins