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Logistics and Distribution

Harris Teeter's distribution and transportation department teams look for ways to incorporate sustainable practices into their day to day operations. Our fleet travels millions of miles each year delivering products to our stores, but we have personnel in place who work to improve our efficiency and minimize our fleet's impact on the environment.  

Harris Teeter uses reusable plastic pallets when shipping products to stores and reuses all general merchandise and health and beauty plastic totes and milk crates from Hunter Farms. Our distribution centers have also been re-lamped with low energy fluorescent lighting fixtures that utilize “motion” activation technology. These new lighting fixtures have reduced our energy usage by 10%. The company has also converted all its refrigeration plants to natural refrigerant (ammonia) coolant instead of class two ozone depleting refrigerant.

Harris Teeter's transportation maintenance teams and transportation supervisors focus on meeting or exceeding all of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates as they relate to our transportation department. 

Harris Teeter also works exclusively with Volvo Trucks, a company committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving fuel efficiency of its trucks year after year in order to limit the impact of these vehicles on the environment. 

Reduced Emissions - Harris Teeter's tractors have diesel particulate filters to remove soot from the exhaust gas and help keep emissions low.

Reduced Fuel Consumption - Processes have been implemented to maximize the space of our outbound trailers delivering to our stores. This increase in space maximization has reduced the total miles driven by over 15% while Harris Teeter continues to expand.

Tractor Idling Policy - Harris Teeters tractor idling policy reduces the amount of time tractors spend idling. The engine's computer will shut down the tractor's engine if it idles more than six minutes.

Cleaner Burning Diesel Engines - Our tractors began using “ultra” low sulfur diesel fuel, a cleaner burning fuel, during the spring of 2007.

Sustainable Cleaning Products - Harris Teeter uses sustainable cleaning products on its fleet including ZEP Superior Solutions' GreenLink line of products.

Truck Refrigeration Systems - Harris Teeter works with Thermo King, a leader in environmentally sustainable truck refrigeration systems. The technology used by Thermo King helps Harris Teeter reduce its carbon footprint while operating its refrigerated trucking units.  Harris Teeter also works with Carrier, a company that continues to work to improve the environmental efficiency of its products.

Miscellaneous Recycling – Harris Teeter’s transportation department recycles old brake shoes and brake drums. The transportation team also recycles motor oil.