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Harris Teeter Announces Week 5 Winners of $100,000 Giveaway

Harris Teeter Announces Week 5 Winners of $100,000 Giveaway 
Five Weeks, $50,000 in Prizes Remain

Matthews, N.C. – Last Saturday, March 1, 2014, as part of Harris Teeter’s Together in Education (TIE) $100,000 Giveaway, Harris Teeter’s TIE Prize Team visited the homes of nine Very Important Customer (VIC) cardholders in Greensboro N.C. and gave away a total of $5,000 to the customers and another $5,000 to their TIE schools.

During the $100,000 Giveaway, Weekly Contestants (“Winners”) are randomly drawn and awarded up to $10,000, the total prize being determined by the number of Harris Teeter Brands founds in their homes.  The winner(s) automatically receives $500, to be split evenly with the TIE school to which their VIC card is linked.  Additionally, for each Harris Teeter Brand product found in a winner’s home, Harris Teeter gives away another $100, to be split with the same school. The TIE Prize Team continues visiting homes until the entire $10,000 is awarded for a particular week.

Harris Teeter also selects and advertises a Bonus Item each week.  The Bonus Item is worth a total of $500.  The Week 5 Bonus Item Fresh Foods Market Soup was not found in the winners’ homes; the Week 6 Bonus Item is Harris Teeter Bottled Water, 24-pack.

Weekly Contestant

TIE School

HT Brands

Total Prize

Week 5 Winners

Mary Ann Hoffman

Canterbury School



Sara Strandberg

Southeast Guilford High School



Lydia Bolmer

Erwin Montessori Elementary



Mary Michaux

High Point Friends School, Inc.



Nina Harmon

Claxton Elementary School



Janice Roback

Page High School



David Forster

Early College at Guilford Robotics Club



Amy Ferguson

Our Lady of Grace



Mary Wall

Western Guilford High Soccer Program



Week 4 Winners

Shannon Reed

Paisley Magnet School



Jeffery England

Morgan Elementary School



Bonnie Smith  

North Hills Elementary



Sandra LaHaie 

Hanes Middle School



Week 3 Winners

Kelly Turner

Covenant Day School



Andrew Cudahy

Butler High School



Week 2 Winner

The Parada Family

South Mecklenburg High School Lacrosse



Week 1 Winner

David Brown  

Carrboro High School PTSA



 *Including Bonus Item

Five weeks remain in the contest; be sure your VIC card is linked to a TIE school for a chance to participate in the $100,000 Giveaway.