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Coca-Cola Recycle & Win Promotes Recycling Efforts in Greenville

Coca-Cola Recycle & Win Promotes Recycling Efforts in Greenville

• Nationally recognized program kicks off the week of July 15
• Over $13,000 in Harris Teeter Gift Cards used as incentives to recycle
• $250,000 invested by Coca-Cola to ensure program’s success

Charlotte, N.C. In an effort to promote recycling, the city of Greenville, in partnership with Coca-Cola and Harris Teeter is introducing the Coca-Cola Recycle & Win program – a nationally recognized sustainability initiative which rewards selected residents for recycling properly.

To implement and promote Coca-Cola Recycle & Win, The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated have invested over $250,000 in the program, which includes a direct mail educational packet sent the week of July 15 to all single-family households in Greenville. The educational packet contains images highlighting which materials SHOULD go in your recycling container as well as a “Give it Back” sticker, which residents must place on their recycling container to opt-in for a chance to win a $50 Harris Teeter gift card.

“The City of Greenville was a big part of Pitt County's recent award for recycling. Partnering with Coca-Cola for this incentive-based program, takes it to the next level. We want to encourage recycling which makes the city more efficient and, with Coca-Cola Recycle & Win, potentially puts a reward in your pocket,” said Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas.  

Thomas continued, “After seeing Coca-Cola Recycle & Win implemented in Raleigh and Charlotte, I knew this was something we wanted to bring to the citizens of Greenville.  Bottom line, it encourages everyone to recycle, and for those people already recycling, to recycle more. We appreciate Coke's role in this public-private partnership and the opportunity to come together for a "Greener" Greenville.”

 “Coca-Cola is proud to bring the Coca-Cola Recycle & Win program to Greenville,” said Lauren Steele, senior vice president, corporate affairs, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated. “The Coca-Cola Company believes it is essential to educate everyone on the importance of recycling and recycling properly. We also believe that recycling should be a rewarding experience, and what better way to encourage people to recycle than by giving them an opportunity to be a winner!” Steele, a long-time proponent of recycling added, “Coca-Cola Recycle & Win enhances Greenville’s reputation as a leader in this country’s sustainability efforts.”

The Coca-Cola Recycle & Win Recycling Street Team will be visiting area neighborhoods starting the week of July 15 and plans to award a total of 260, $50 Harris Teeter Gift Cards throughout the six-month program.

“Harris Teeter is excited to team up with Coca-Cola again to promote recycling in the communities we serve,” said Catherine Becker, Harris Teeter communication manager. “Environmental stewardship is an important factor in Harris Teeter’s daily operations; our hope is that, for customers who participate in the Coca-Cola Recycle & Win program to earn $50 Harris Teeter gift cards, recycling will become a part of their daily routine as well.”      

Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated is the largest independent Coca-Cola Bottler in the United States. The Company is a leader in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of soft drinks.