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Harris Teeter Encourages You to Meet Your Local Pharmacist

Harris Teeter Encourages You to Meet Your Local Pharmacist
Stop-by Any of Harris Teeter’s 136 Pharmacy Locations to Receive the Best Pharmacy Services

Charlotte, N.C. - Harris Teeter has encouraged its shoppers to Meet Your Neighbor and learn more about where their fresh produce is grown; the company also thinks it is important for their customers to take time to meet their local pharmacist and pharmacy manager who are both dedicated to providing you and your family the absolute best service town.

Harris Teeter’s first pharmacy was located in the company’s Morrocroft Harris Teeter in Charlotte, N.C. and was operated by an independent owner.  In 1993, Harris Teeter decided purchase the pharmacy and grow its pharmacy business, launching nearly two decades of growth.  The company eventually opened a second pharmacy location in Wilmington, N.C. Today, Harris Teeter operates 136 pharmacy stores in six states including Washington, D.C.

Harris Teeter pharmacists are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of their patients and their families, offering the best-in-class patient care.  For your convenience, pharmacists are available seven days per week and offer screenings for allergies and drug interactions. Harris Teeter pharmacies also provide a full range of diabetic products and blood pressure machines.  Most importantly, however, the company's pharmacists provide private, professional consultations for all patients and will follow-up with parents within 48-72 hours any time a child under the age of 12 receives an antibiotic prescription.

Harris Teeter encourages you and your family to try a Harris Teeter pharmacy and get to know your local pharmacy manager.  Please stop-by to ‘Ask Our Pharmacist’ any questions you may have about Harris Teeter’s pharmacy programs including the recently launched Pharmacy Punch Card which gives new pharmacy customers the opportunity to earn $200 in free groceries between now and April 10.

Harris Teeter pharmacies accept all major insurance plans including Express Scripts.  If a customer does not have insurance, Harris Teeter will offer a 10 percent discount with the presentation of a valid VIC card.

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