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Harris Teeter Announces $279,572.98 Distribution to Together in Education Schools

Harris Teeter Announces $279,572.98 Distribution to Together in Education Schools
Company Continues to Show Support of Excellence in Education through its Together in Education Program

Charlotte, N.C. – Harris Teeter Together in Education (TIE) donated over $279,572.98 to participating TIE schools during the first of three payouts of the 2011/2012 school year, raising the program total to $16,120,420.51 since 1998.
Harris Teeter established Together in Education to financially help schools in the communities in which its stores are located.  Schools registered for a TIE code earn money when community members who link their VIC cards to a TIE code purchase Harris Teeter Brands or fill a prescription at a Harris Teeter pharmacy.  The program runs August – May; please remember to re-link your VIC card to the Together in Education school of your choice if you have not already. 

Participating in Together in Education is a convenient way to raise money for schools in your community.  For instance, if a school links 100 customers who shop once per week for 40 weeks using their VIC card to buy 10 everyday Harris Teeter Brands such as gallon milk, jumbo eggs or paper towels, the school has the potential to earn over $6,000.

Sgt. Eugene Ashley High School in Wilmington, N.C., for example, more than doubled the number of links to their school but quadrupled money raised during the last school year in the first payout alone.

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