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Seasonal Flu Shots Available at Harris Teeter

Seasonal Flu Shots Available at Harris Teeter
Stay Healthy This Flu Season; Show Your VIC Card to Receive Discount

Charlotte, N.C. - Seasonal flu shots are available now at all Harris Teeter Pharmacy stores. Providing convenient flu shots allows Harris Teeter to demonstrate to customers and associates how important they are to the company by helping protect them from one of the winter’s nastiest illnesses.

Flu shots are available to all Harris Teeter VIC card customers for $24.95 each or at no charge for customers who are a Medicare Part B, non-HMO recipient (present your card before receiving your shot). Additionally, several Pharmacy insurance plans can now be billed for the flu shot. Shoppers must be at least 14 years old to receive the flu shot.

Over 95 percent of Harris Teeter’s Pharmacists are Immunization-Certified. These certified Pharmacists will administer flu shots on a walk-in or appointment basis and will also set up temporary clinics within Harris Teeter Pharmacy stores. Clinics are also being set up in select Harris Teeter stores without Pharmacy; please call your local Harris Teeter for more information.

Customers can also take advantage of Harris Teeter’s off-site program by arranging for a Harris Teeter Immunization-Certified Pharmacist to visit their place of business to provide flu shots for employees. Check with your Harris Teeter Pharmacist for more information.

At Harris Teeter, the health and well-being of our customers is a top priority; that’s why Harris Teeter continues to provide it shoppers with important information about timely health topics. This year, the company would also like to encourage shoppers to speak to a Harris Teeter Pharmacist about flu shots to learn the benefits of taking the flu vaccine.