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Harris Teeter Launches Exclusive Craft Beer
Enjoy the quality of Harris Teeter Barrel Trolley available now in all stores in which wine and beer is sold

Harris Teeter Launches Exclusive Craft Beer
Enjoy Quality of Harris Teeter Barrel Trolley Available Now in All Stores Which Sell Wine, Beer

Charlotte, N.C., July 8, 2011
–   Harris Teeter is introducing its exclusive craft beer Barrel Trolley to shoppers this month, discovered and delivered to you by the company’s wine and beer team.  The craft beer will be available in all Harris Teeter locations in which wine and beer is sold. 

Harris Teeter’s beer and wine team constantly reviews and carefully monitors product trends for consideration and inclusion in its item mix.  Barrel Trolley was sourced to offer shoppers an exclusive alternative to the most successful national craft brands on the market, and the company’s merchandising continues to launch new items that will deliver quality to Harris Teeter shoppers. 

What can you expect with Barrel Trolley?  The Belgian White Ale promises bright flavors of orange balanced by subtly spicy coriander. The Pale Ale, with three types of hops, offers a complex citrus hope aroma with deep flavor and a long crisp finish.  Finally, the Amber Ale, coming this fall to stores, is a medium bodied craft beer with a complex malt flavor and a subtle citrus aroma.

The regular retail price for a six-pack of Barrel Trolley is $7.99, but be sure to watch for VIC specials over the next few months as the company looks to introduce shoppers to this exciting and exclusive new craft beer.