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Grand Opening of Harris Teeter Food Market in Norfolk, VA

Grand Opening of Harris Teeter Food Market in Norfolk, VA

Charlotte, NC – Harris Teeter is excited to open a new store in Norfolk, VA, welcoming over 150 associates to the new location.  The store is replacing an older store on Colonial Avenue and will be located across from the current facility.  To minimize disruption to our shoppers, the existing store will operate under normal business on March 8; the new store will open at 8am on Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

The existing store was well received by shoppers but, due to the smaller size, the product offerings were limited.  The new location is more than double the size of the pervious store, standing at around 52,000 square feet including an 8,000 square foot mezzanine and will have an expanded Farmers Market, an enhanced Fresh Foods Market Deli/Bakery as well as a larger HBC area and pharmacy. It will also have extensive wine set, offering our customers a better selection of wines.

Harris Teeter will begin demolition of its existing store mid-April and plans to begin construction on a larger parking lot for the new location in June.  The parking lot and final landscaping is tentatively scheduled for completion in end of July 2011, and the company appreciates it customers’ patience during this process.

Fast Facts:
Store Address:
 1320 Colonial Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23517              
Opening Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2011 at 8am
Square Footage: 53,000
Store Hours: 6am – Midnight
Pharmacy Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9am – 7pm; Sunday, 12pm – 6pm
Check-Out Lanes: 8 checkouts and 4 USCAN

Features and Departments:
Full Service Meat Department and Fresh Meat Experts • Full Service Fishermans Market • Shrimp Party Trays • Farmers Market Produce and Certified Green Thumb Experts • Self Service Floral • Fresh Fruit Bar • Produce Party Trays • Expanded Fresh Cut Flower Section • Full Service Fresh Foods Market Deli/Bakery • Sushi • Self Serve Olives • Salad Bar, Caesar Salads and Fresh Made Salads •  Fresh Made Pizza • Hot Foods Bar • Hot Asian Bar and Expanded Asian Foods • Cheeses from Around the World • Chef Prepared Foods to Go • Custom Cakes including Ice Cream Cakes • Made to Order Sandwich Program • Party Trays • Rotisserie Items • Boar’s Head Meats & Cheeses • Slicing Meats & Cheeses • Artisan Breads • Italian Meat Selection • Specialty, Natural and Organic Foods • Wines and Imported Beers • Wine Consultant • Pharmacy • Western Union • Coinstar • Red Box DVD Rental Kiosk • Double Coupons • Club 60 Senior Discount • Sit-down eating area