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Harris Teeter Supports Area Youth at the North Carolina Junior Livestock Auction
Harris Teeter purchased $48,000 worth of livestock and the money goes back in the pockets of the young winners

 Harris Teeter attended the North Carolina State Fair’s Junior Livestock Auction on Saturday, October 19th and placed the winning bids on the Grand Champion steer, lamb, barrow, and turkey, the Reserve Grand Champion barrow, and the NC born and bred Grand Champion lamb.  The $48,000 spent goes directly to the youth who raised the purchased animals; Harris Teeter will also sell the protein from the livestock auction and donate the dollars to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC.
Harris Teeter has been a proud supporter of the sale of champions at the junior livestock expo for over a decade.  “The money raised goes back to the children showing the animals, rewards them for their hard work and perseverance, and helps toward their future education,” said Fred Morganthall, President of Harris Teeter.

The Grand Champion steer raised by Derek Jones of Barnardsville, NC brought $20,000 at the auction; the Grand Champion barrow shown by 3-year-old Travis Cox from Louisburg, NC brought in $7,000; the grand champion lamb raised by Alyson Moore from Selma, NC brought $5,000; the Grand Champion turkey shown by Evan Gunter of Asheboro, NC went for $4,000 at the auction; the NC born and bred Grand Champion lamb brought $6,000 for Melinda Staebner of Jonesville, NC; and Makensie Mohrfeld from Pink Hill, NC brought home $6,000 from the reserve champion barrow.
Harris Teeter is committed to helping eliminating hunger in the communities it serves. The protein from the livestock auction will be sold and the dollars will be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central & Eastern NC.