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Visit Harris Teeter for Excellent Holiday Savings
Harris Teeter is offering delicious products for Easter and Passover celebrations

Harris Teeter is the place to shop this holiday season for either Passover or Easter food items.

If your family is celebrating the Easter holiday, make sure to visit Harris Teeter for great Good Friday and Easter Sunday meal ideas. Harris Teeter’s Fresh Foods Market is offering Party Bread Boule party platters, available in pumpernickel, Italian, and rosemary olive oil with a choice of Cibo dip, delicious for Sunday brunch or a pre-dinner snack. Other party platters including The Cheese Sampler, Gardner’s Choice, Deviled Eggs, and seafood platters are also easy meal solutions for large groups at Easter Sunday brunch. To satisfy your sweet tooth, shoppers can also purchase our bright iced Easter cupcakes, pink and yellow frosted cookies, as well as Easter Bunny and Egg-shaped cookies. If you want lighter fare, Harris Teeter’s angel food products go great with Farmers Market strawberries and Cool Whip.

Harris Teeter also has a large selection of foods for Passover. Not only does Harris Teeter’s Farmers Market have the ingredients necessary to make a traditional “Seder Plate” including beets, apples, horseradish root, parsley, radish and lettuce, to name a few, Harris Teeter has other foods that are appropriate for Passover. Kosher items we sell that are appropriate for Passover include Manischewitz 5LB Matzo, Manischewitz Egg Matzo, Manischewitz Cake Meal, Manischewitz Chicken Soup, Manischewitz Potato Pancake, Manischewitz Macaroons, Kedem Grape Juice and Penn Maid Beet Horseradish.

Whether honoring Easter or Passover, Harris Teeter’s floral department is selling fresh cut flowers, lilies and other blooming plants to brighten your days over the holiday season. Fresh cut flowers in either single stems, bunches, bouquets or arrangements are also available. Our full service floral departments can cater to any of your custom floral arrangement needs or you can consider purchasing a wide variety of potted and fresh products to bring as house warming gifts during the holiday season or use to decorate your own home.