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Harris Teeter Pharmacy Announces Additional Ways to Save
Pharmacy Launches Generic Prescription Savings Club for Customers

Today Harris Teeter will launch its Generic Prescription Savings Club available to all Harris Teeter Pharmacy customers. Harris Teeter will offer a 90-day supply of more than 300 generic medications for only $9.99, a value of just over 11 cents per day!

Generic Prescription Savings ClubHarris Teeter is committed to insuring that our customers have access to savings on generic prescription medications. By enrolling in the Generic Prescription Savings Club, customers will receive a 90-day supply of more than 300 generic medications for only $9.99. Enrollment is painless; it only costs $4.95 annually to join, and the Pharmacist will complete all required paperwork on the customer’s behalf.

For those customers whose generic medication is not one of the over 300 generic medications covered in the Generic Prescription Savings Club, they can still rely on the VIC RX Savings Plan to save big. The VIC RX Savings Plan is available to Pharmacy customers using their Very Important Customer (VIC) card and offers a 10% discount off all prescription medications, both brand and generics.

Harris Teeter is serious about providing the Pharmacy services customers deserve and expect and is the outstanding choice. Our new and convenient Generic Prescription Savings Club and our RX Savings Plan are just two more ways Harris Teeter can show customers and associates how important they are to the company.

Neither plan applies if a customer’s prescription is covered by insurance.