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Start Your Engines – Harris Teeter’s Gas Card Giveaway Speeds into Stores
Get $50 worth of FREE GAS by using your Harris Teeter VIC card & e-VIC membership

Gas Card GiveawayHarris Teeter is making it possible for shoppers to cruise through 2009 with a tank full of gas on behalf of the company.  Launching January 7, the Gas Card Giveaway program is offering customers the opportunity to receive $50 worth of FREE gas and the freedom to take a joy ride in 2009.

Free Gas?  How? All shoppers need do is use their VIC card and spend $40 or more at Harris Teeter in 14 out of the 16 weeks of the program.  The promotion runs from January 7 through April 28, 2009.  After each visit to Harris Teeter, shoppers will receive a status update on their receipt and, once they qualify for the giveaway, a reward notice will be printed on the bottom of their receipt.  To receive the $25 gas card, shoppers should simply bring their VIC card and their qualifying receipt to customer service.
Thought it was a $50 card?  The second $25 gas card is just a click away.  To receive the second $25 gas card, shoppers need only be an e-VIC member.  If shoppers are not already e-VIC members, they can sign-up on  by April 7, 2009 and will be eligible to receive the full benefit of the Gas Card Giveaway.E-VIC

Once shoppers become e-VIC members they will begin receiving weekly e-mails with personalized weekly specials and member-only discounts.  E-VIC is similar to a personal shopper who scans the weekly Harris Teeter ads and identifies the best deals on the items you buy most.  Using the weekly specials email, members can also build a shopping list to take with them to the store.

To recap, in order to cruise through 2009 with a $50 gas card from Harris Teeter, simply become an e-VIC member before April 7, 2009 and spend $40 or more 14 out of the 16 weeks of the promotion.  Shoppers can even keep track of how they are doing by looking at the bottom of their receipt when they check out.