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Grand Opening of Harris Teeter Food Market in Durham, NC

Harris Teeter is excited to open its newest store in Durham, North Carolina. The new Harris Teeter will be located in Willowhaven Shopping Center on Horton Road. The store is scheduled to open on Wednesday, January 7, 2009 following a ribbon cutting ceremony at 8:00am.

Harris Teeter will bring exceptional customer service; top-quality Farmers Market produce; a full service meat market with USDA Rancher beef, HT Reserve Angus Beef, and HT Naturals Natural Beef; Fishermans Market Seafood; and Fresh Foods Market Deli/Bakery items, along with an extensive selection of national brand and private label products to the families surrounding our new store site.

Harris Teeter would also like to encourage its new shoppers to visit and sign-up for a Very Important Customer (VIC) card today. The VIC card allows shoppers to take advantage of weekly specials, participate in VIC promotions and sweepstakes and best of all, it is FREE! Shoppers can also sign up for e-VIC and have weekly specials e-mailed to them every Wednesday, notifying customers when items they regularly buy are on sale! We are also pleased to introduce to shoppers our FREE yourwellness for families program launching January 1 in all stores. Through our FREE yourwellness for families program, your family can get healthy, stay healthy and feel great. Information about yourwellness for families will also be available FREE online.

                                                                     Fast Facts
Store Address:                          Willowhaven Shopping Center
                                                     1501 Horton Road
                                                      Durham, NC 27705
Opening Date:                           Wednesday, January 7 at 8:00am
Square Footage:                       48,000
Store Hours:                               24 hours
Number of Check-Out Lanes: 8 checkouts and 1 USCAN checkout 

Features and Departments:

Full Service Meat Department • Full Service Fishermans Market • Farmers Market Produce and Certified Green Thumb Experts • Full Service Fresh Foods Market Deli/Bakery • Specialty and Organic Foods • Rotisserie Items • International Foods • Cheeses from Around the World • Dietz & Watson Meats & Cheeses • Artisan Breads • Sushi • Fresh Fruit Bar • Full Service Floral with Custom Floral Arrangements • Cigars • Party Trays • Gift Baskets • Wines and Imported Beers • Pharmacy • Salad Bar • Olive Bar • Made to Order Sandwich Program • Custom Cakes • Home Shopping • Red Box DVD Kiosk • Western Union