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America’s Sweetheart Kaitlyn Maher Stars in Harris Teeter’s Holiday Commercial
America’s Got Talent finalist brings a new twist to the company’s jingle

Harry the Happy Dragon gets a great big hug from Kaitlyn MaherMost people wait until after the holiday season to announce their resolutions and make changes to their everyday routines.  The creative minds behind Harris Teeter’s commericals, however, could not wait that long.  They decided to offer our shoppers a holiday surprise and give the my harris teeter jingle a new twist before the new year.  The creative team knew Harris Teeter shoppers loved the jingle but, this year, they wanted the commercial to bring a little extra joy and hope to our shoppers during the season.  Enter Kaitlyn Maher, a four year old sensation from America’s Got Talent who is filled with hope and joy when she sings, and we are certain she will fill the hearts of anyone listening to her rendition of the my harris teeter jingle.

Kaitlyn was a perfect fit to sing the my harris teeter jingle.  Besides her  pure happiness when she is onstage singing, she and her family are loyal patrons of the company’s Ashburn, VA store.  Kaitlyn is also a Harry the Dragon fan.  Knowing this little secret, the Harris Teeter creative team quietly arranged for Harry the Dragon to visit during her commerical shoot.   After giving Harry the very sweet “Thank you” she is known for, Kaitlyn added “I love the cookies, balloons and Harry.”

Harris Teeter shoppers have told us for years that they love the my harris teeter jingle.  While we are exited to announce Kaitlyn’s participation, we cannot take all of the credit for the song.  Little do our shoppers know, the jingle was inspired by them and the ownership they take in the customer service and products that are provided in our stores.  Shoppers refer to Harris Teeter stores as “my harris teeter,” and to associates as “my store manager,” “my pharmacists,” “my fresh food specialists” and the list goes on. 

Harris Teeter is proud to show off a new member of its family, Miss Kaitlyn Maher. As the song says “It’s the little things by far, it’s the people that make us who we are.”  Be sure to visit to check out Kaitlyn’s jingle rendition and make sure to sing along.