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Harris Teeter Rated 3rd Healthiest Grocer in America
Health magazine Votes Harris Teeter a ‘Must Shop’ for Healthy Food Options

Health Magazine recently name Harris Teeter one of America's ten healthiest grocery storesHealth magazine recently named Harris Teeter one of America’s ten healthiest grocery stores. 

Based on research conducted by six health experts at the magazine, Harris Teeter received accolades for its fresh and healthy food choices, as well as its tools designed to help shoppers make smart shopping decisions and healthy purchases.

Harris Teeter offers over 500 fresh and healthy produce items each and every day in its Farmers Market.  Harris Teeter also certifies associates in its perishable department; certification provides associates with the knowledge necessary to teach consumers about the products available in stores.  In the Harris Teeter Farmers Market, our Green Thumb Experts ensure only the freshest items are available and also help shoppers with any questions they might have about produce.

Harris Teeter also provides shoppers with another tool to guide their healthy eating decisions.  The yourwellness initiative was launched in 2006 and gives shoppers evidence based guidance on important health issues to make it easier for them to choose nutritional items in the store.  Yourwellness has many components including the yourwellness for life program, yourwellness e-guides and yourwellness keys. 

Yourwellness keys are found on all Harris Teeter brand products as well as on shelf tags located in all stores.  The keys are intended to make it easier for shoppers to discover health benefits of certain foods.  The wellness keys and shelf tags point out nutritional components of food items.  Yourwellness e-guides are available at; the guides are filled with information about living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Yourwellness for life is a program that outlines a 15-week action plan to guide our shoppers to a healthy lifestyle.Harris Teeter Shelf Tag with Wellness Keys

Harris Teeter also offers its own line of organic foods called Harris Teeter Naturals.  Harris Teeter Naturals was developed in 2002 with only the finest natural and organic ingredients because we know that healthy eating is important to both our customers and the planet. 

Lastly, should any Harris Teeter customer have a health related question, we invite them to join our yourwellness community at  Dr. Russ, our board certified physician with expertise in integrative health, is available to answer any health-related questions on his blog.