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Fresh Foods Market Prepared Salads Voluntary Recall

Gourmet Boutique, in cooperation with the USDA, has voluntarily recalled two Fresh Foods Market deli salads due to potential cross contamination. The only two items impacted by this recall are Honey, Fruit and Nut Chicken Salad and Sezchaun Chicken Salad found in the Harris Teeter’s Fresh Foods Market prepared salad section.

To ensure the safety of its shoppers, Harris Teeter has removed these two items from its stores until further notice. Product quality and integrity are paramount to Harris Teeter. If you have these items in your refrigerator, please return the product to Harris Teeter for its double your money back guarantee.  For additional information regarding this recall, please advise direct any consumer inquires to the Gourmet Bourtique consumer hot line at 1 (347) 887-0083.