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Harris Teeter raises over $22,000 for several North Carolina Susan G. Komen chapters through Pink Ribbon Produce - a unique fundraising program committed to breast cancer prevention and awareness.

"In the two years we’ve held the program we have been able to raise over $45,000 through shopper support for our local Susan G. Komen chapters," said Jennifer Panetta, Harris Teeter Director of Communication. "Pink Ribbon Produce, like many other programs we run throughout the year have multiple benefits. This campaign encourages shoppers to incorporate more produce in their diet and supports breast cancer prevention and awareness at the same time."

Over 160 Harris Teeter stores and several produce suppliers including Bella Produce, Chiquita, Country Fresh, Dole, Fresh Express, Hines Nut Company, Modern Mushroom, National Mango Board, Nature’s Way, Southmill Mushroom and Washington Fruit, participated in the program during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

"We’ve been so privileged to receive donations from Harris Teeter two years in a row now," said Charlotte’s Susan G. Komen Executive Director, Gloria Scienski. "Donations like these mean a lot to our community as they will assist our local efforts in educating women on the importance of early detection to prevent a disease that continues to affect so many."

The campaign featured the Pink Ribbon Produce logo displayed in Harris Teeter grocery stores on a pop-up display and various point-of-sale materials. The program’s goal is to encourage shoppers to purchase more produce for a healthier lifestyle, take steps for early detection and to aid in the prevention of breast cancer.

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